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Bathroom Remodel

The prices of homes are going up. Whether you want to stay in your current home or list it on the market, modernizing your space is always a great idea. A bathroom remodel can increase the value of your property. After all, bathrooms get more traffic than almost any other room in the house, so homebuyers tend to take them seriously. Even if you don’t plan to sell, why shouldn’t you get the look you want? If you’re ready to trade your old-fashioned bathroom for something more contemporary, Property Damage Restoration is here to help.

bathroom remodel Houston

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Our Coverage

Property Damage Restoration gladly serves clients in the North and Northwest areas of Houston. These include the areas that we’ve listed below.

  • Cypress
  • Spring
  • The Woodlands
  • Jersey Village
  • Copperfield
  • Katy
  • West University Place
  • Hedwig Village
  • River Oaks
  • Montgomery
  • Tomball
  • Waller
  • Magnolia
Don’t see your town listed? We also serve all of the places in between these major areas. Give us a call today and find out if we can serve you. Usually, the answer is yes.

Ready to get your best bathroom? Call us today at (713) 227-6100.

5 Signs that It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Whether your tastes have changed or it’s just time for something new, there are lots of valid reasons to remodel your bathroom. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons our clients have cited. Do any of these ring true for you?

  • Outdated Decor – Still living with than design from the 1970s? Outdated decor is the #1 reason homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms. We’ll help you find ways to update your bathroom and stay within budget.
  • Moving Plans – Want to sell your house? Remodeled bathrooms are very attractive to potential homebuyers. You could get a better price and sell your house faster with a remodeled bathroom. In fact, when it comes to increasing property values, a remodeled bathroom is second only to a remodeled kitchen.
  • Limited Storage Space – Are you and your family members crowding each other out of the bathroom? More storage space can help. We can suggest different designs that will maximize your storage space.
  • Limited Bathroom Space – Maybe it’s not just your storage space. Maybe the bathroom itself is too small. If you have extra space near your bathroom (a closet, for example), then we can use that space to give you a bigger bathroom. You can stop bumping into your spouse as you get ready in the morning.
  • Personal Preference – Maybe your taste in decor has changed. Maybe you’re looking for a more timeless look rather than a trendy one. In any case, changing preference is a perfectly valid reason to remodel a bathroom.

The PDR Difference

At Property Damage Restoration, we only provide the best for our clients. We’ll make sure that you get the bathroom that works best for your family. Our licensed and certified team will work within your budget to make your bathroom dreams come true. We even have a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to get your best bathroom? Call us today at (713) 227-6100.

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