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Six Steps to Sewage Clean-Up and Remediation in Your Home

If there’s one situation you never want to deal with inside your home, it’s a sewage backup. It’s messy, inconvenient, unsanitary, and it needs to be gone immediately. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the six steps that you can anticipate during a sewage clean-up and remediation project in your home.

Sewage Clean-Up and Remediation Step #1: Finding the Leak

The first step to addressing a sewage leak happens before you pick up the phone. It’s a sight, smell, and it’s a problem. Sewage is a hazardous substance to the human body and it needed to be addressed immediately. The main reason that you might smell it before you can find the source has to do with the high level of carbon monoxide that’s released in sewage. In addition, sewage is known to lead to serious sickness from strains of e.Coli and salmonella. Finding the problem and getting rid of it is incredibly important.

Step #2: Calling a Professional for Analysis

The second step to handling a sewage backup involves getting the right professionals involved. Since we’ve already established that sewage is a toxic danger, hiring professionals who understand the sensitive nature of handling it is the key to your peace of mind and your continued safety. When you contact a team like Property Damage Restoration, you are investing in experts who understand how to locate, identify, and remove hazards.

Sewage Clean-Up and Remediation Step #3: Removing the Sewage and Mess

The third stage of removing a sewage leak involves getting rid of the threat and the mess that comes with it. Addressing the specific chemicals and substances is one aspect of this. The other aspect is using the right cleaners to remove the threat completely. Experts will use high-quality cleaners and industrial-grade equipment to handle the mess.

Step #4: Cleaning and Sanitizing the Area

The fourth stage of addressing a sewage problem involves truly cleaning and sanitizing the impacted area. While some of this might have occurred in the previous steps, this is where things kick into overdrive. One goal of sewage remediation is to prevent future problems. Professional sewage specialists will remove damaged items. Using high-quality sanitization products and procedures will leave your home with a superior level of cleanliness.

Sewage Clean-Up and Remediation Step #5: Drying the Area Completely

The fifth stage of addressing a sewage leak involves getting the area completely dry. Our team will use a combination of air movers, dehumidifiers, and other HVAC machines to get all cleaned areas dry as soon as possible. We follow all IICRC standards for an effective clean.

Step #6: Contact Property Damage Restoration: Your Sewage Clean-Up Experts

When you’re in the market to have a sewage problem cleaned up, there’s no better choice than Property Damage Restoration. We’ve been helping families across the Houston area get back to normal after a sewage leak for over 25 years. When you need a consultation, contact us for a quick appointment.

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