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Four Modern Design Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you purchased your home, there might have been parts that you wanted to update. It’s also possible that you’ve found ways to improve your house. This is especially true if you’ve been stuck at home during the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at four modern design ideas that you can use to start the bathroom remodel process.

Bathroom Remodel Idea #1: Floating Bathroom Vanities

The first modern design idea to consider for your bathroom renovation involves floating bathroom vanities. This design concept has been considered contemporary for the last several years. Newer home layouts have made it easier to make the additional space required for these vanities. A big plus of installing a floating vanity? Plenty of space for storage inside or room for basics or bins to sit on the file below.

Idea #2: Asymmetrical and High Tech Mirrors

The second idea to consider for modernizing your bathroom involves different types and shapes of mirrors. Gone are the days of rectangular mirrors that make your bathroom look plain old boring. Geometric and asymmetrical mirrors are all the rage. Additionally, new mirror features include advanced technologies–like USB charging ports, anti-fog coatings, and smudge-proof surfaces. Additionally, many newer mirrors include back-lighting or other LED technologies to provide better, stronger lighting.

Bathroom Remodel Idea #3: Big Bathtubs

The third modern design concept to ponder for your bathroom update has to do with your tub and shower situation. Many homeowners would prefer a larger bathtub as a means of relaxing. Can you imagine a better way to unwind after a tough day? When paired with compact storage, expanding your bathtub design is incredibly easy.

Idea #4: Eye-Catching Color Updates

The fourth bathroom remodel concept is a more general one: updating the colors in your bathroom. Wild accents of color are replacing old-style bathrooms that were styled in white, black, and grey. These colorful changes aren’t massive or expensive but they can make all the difference in the vibe your bathroom has to offer.

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Now that you’ve seen a few of the hottest modern bathroom designs for 2020, it’s time to learn more about Property Damage Restoration. Based in Houston, our team of experts have been helping neighbors across our community for over 25 years. We provide top notch solutions for a modern world. When you’re ready to improve your bathroom design, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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