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How Our Ten-Step Carpet Cleaning Process Can Save You Money

Take a good long look at your carpets. Go ahead. Really look at them. Do they look dirty, dingy, or well-traveled? Can you remember the last time that you had them cleaned? If the answers to these questions scare you, it’s probably a great time to schedule a carpet cleaning. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the ten-step process that Property Damage Restoration follows to save time, money, and your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Step #1: Pre-Inspection

Before we begin the carpet cleaning process, one of our experts will take a walk through of your home. While our team is trained to find areas that require extra care, don’t be afraid to tell us what you want to have done. If there are particularly troublesome areas or parts of your home that you would prefer to avoid, let us know. Our end goal is your satisfaction.

Step #2: Pre-Vacuuming

If you’re a pet lover, chances are that your furry friends have made their presence known. We are happy to do a vacuum to remove any visible signs of hair or dander before the deep, down, and dirty work gets going. If not required, we will skip this step.

Carpet Cleaning Step #3: Moving Furniture

While some companies will only clean areas of carpet that they can see, our team doesn’t believe in that. If there’s furniture that needs to be moved, we will happily move it. We will even move it back once the cleaning process is finished. We want to leave your carpets completely clean.

Step #4: Pre-Spraying and Spot Treatment

During the walk through process, our team will likely find some stains that need attention. It’s common–nearly every customer has a few problem areas that need additional assistance. We will pre-treat these areas before the full cleaning happens.

Carpet Cleaning Step #5: Extracting and Rinsing

At this stage, the real fun begins. We employ a state of the art truck-mounted water extraction system to loosen and fully flush your carpet clean. High heat and pressure are used to get a thorough clean. The goal is to leave your carpets completely clean. We also pride ourselves in improving your indoor air quality by reducing pollen, dust, and pet dander.

Please note: the next three steps are optional and may not be required.

Step #6: Post-Treatment Spraying

If some areas require additional cleaning, we will repeat earlier processes. While we can’t guarantee that all stains will be removed completely, we will do our best to get your carpets as clean as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Step #7: Protectant and Deodorizer

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that a protectant be applied to maintain color and prevent future stains. Additionally, deodorizers can be used to eliminate and prevent future odor-causing bacteria from forming in your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Step #8: Speed Drying

We recommend using high-speed commercial blowers to speed up the drying process. While normal drying time is between eight and twelve hours, these blowers reduce it by three or four hours depending on the size of the room.

Carpet Cleaning Step #9: Grooming

The final step of the cleaning process is grooming. It’s used to reduce drying time and to help maintain the cleaning that your carpets receive. Unlike other companies, grooming your carpets is included in our standard charge.

Carpet Cleaning Step #10: Final Inspection and Satisfaction Check

When we have completed our work, the last thing we do before packing up is to verify that our work met your expectations. Our crew leader will do a final walk through with you, answer questions, and advise you of future treatment expectations. At Property Damage Restoration, we’re always looking for more ways to make you happy. Don’t delay–contact us today to schedule your ten-step carpet cleaning!

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